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Taiyuan University of Technology loses to Hohai University by 0-1

Publicity Department2019-11-28 17:06

The qualifying matches for the 9th and 16th ranking in the men's competition of the KELME 2019 FISU University World Cup-Football kicked off on November 27. In the first game, the team of Hohai University (China) defeated the team of Taiyuan University of Technology (China) by 1-0, winning the first victory in the competition.

Neither the team of Hohai University nor the team of Taiyuan University of Technology managed to beat other teams in the previous three group matches and advance to the quarterfinals. There was a derby in the stadium of Jiyan Middle School, Jinjiang between the two Chinese teams.

After the match began, the team of Hohai University made multiple breakthroughs by the wing play, while the team of Taiyuan University of Technology weathered such storms with tenacious defense. In the 18th minute of the first half, the team of Taiyuan University of Technology plucked a pass at front court, Zhou Guoqi turned around and did a volley shot, making the ball scrap by the post and roll out the bottom line. In the 36th minute of the match, the team of Hohai University took advantage of the mistake made by the goalkeeper, Zhang Zixian, made a direct push shot in front of the goal but missed a scoring opportunity. When the first half ended, the two teams drew at 0-0.

After the start of the second half, the team of Hohai University put pressure on the opposing team in the penalty area in the 53rd minute. During the process of stealing the ball, the offensive player clashed with the goalkeeper, and the referee awarded a penalty. Wen Xiang, passed the goalkeeper by fake actions and shot the ball in, opening up a 1-0 lead. The team of Taiyuan University of Technology, falling behind, began to change the line-up and continued the offensive game, but backfielder of Hohai University made successful clearance. In the 78th minute, Shen Baiyi of Hohai University made an attempt to score the empty gate. As a result, the ball was higher than the crossbar, depriving them of the opportunity to further increase the score. Finally, the match ended with a score 1-0. The team of Hohai University won the first victory in this competition.

Wen Xiang, the player of Hohai University who scored the only goal in this match said after the match that they made strategic adjustments at halftime, helping to make the breakthrough in the second half. "In the beginning we were a bit anxious. The adjustments were made in time at halftime, which made some difference." In addition, he revealed some training methods as he majored in human resources management at the school. "We practice for six days a week, receive intensified training every afternoon, and usually do some other training for strength or footwork", said Wen Xiang.

In another qualifying match that began at the same time as this game, the team of International University of Language and Media (Italy) defeated the team of Kotebe Metropolitan University (Ethiopia) in penalty shootout with 6-3. Next, Hohai University will compete with International Language and Media University for the 13th place, while Taiyuan University of Technology will compete with Kotebe Metropolitan University in a 15/16 ranking. The 9/16 qualifying will kick off on November 29.

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