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Beijing Normal University fails in penalty kick to lose women’s third place for KELME 2019 FISU University World Cup – Football

ijjnews2019-12-01 10:15

The women's matches for the third place of the KELME 2019 FISU University World Cup kicked off on November 30. Beijing Normal University (China) competed with College of Asian Scholars (Thailand) in Jinjiang Sports Center stadium. The winner did not come out within the normal time, while College of Asian Scholars won the game with 5 scores against the rival's 4 scores in the penalty kick and earned the third place of women's group of the tournament.

The women's team of Beijing Normal University was previously defeated by its rival from University of Ottawa (Canada) and lost the chance to enter the final. College of Asian Scholars was defeated by Paulista University (Brazil) in the previous round of women's group and has to fight for the third place.

Beijing Normal University's threatening flanking has been in motion since the first minute of the game. In the 40th minute of the first half, Zhong Lvyue made a push shot and scored the gate, breaking the stalemate and making her team one-score-ahead. College of Asian Scholars with one score behind changed its staffing plan in the second half of the game. The player Zhao Yingying of Beijing Normal University delivered active performance and made very threatening offenses in the 55th and 62th minutes but unfortunately none of them became a successful shot.

In the 72th minute, College of Asian Scholars earned a chance to make a free kick in the opposing half and player No. 4 scored the gate straightaway, changing the score into 1:1. The 90-minute game ended with 1:1, and the two teams entered the penalty kick.

The Beijing player Dai Xinxin took the third penalty kick and missed a chance for kicking the ball onto the post. The fourth player from College of Asian Scholars was Sanggelawei Mikehan who kicked wide. Zhao Yingying failed to hold up and completely missed the goal. Beijing Normal University finally lost the game for 4:5, and College of Asian Scholars won the third place of women's group of this World Cup.

The chief coach of College of Asian Scholars said after the game that "Beijing Normal University has a very strong women's soccer team, but we also have well prepared for this game. Our players won the penalty kick because they have accumulated plenty of experience in their daily training and games. We originally intended to rank among the top 4 teams and now we won the third place, which is beyond our expectation. We will come back to attend the AUSF Football Cup next year and we are also eagerly looking forward to the next FISU University World Cup."  

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