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Myongji University Wins 3rd Place in KELME 2019 FISU University World Cup-Football

ijjnews2019-12-02 09:45

At 4:00 p.m. on December 1, the third place play-off of the men's group at the KELME 2019 FISU University World Cup-Football kicked off in Jinjiang Sports Center. The team of Myongji University (KOR) fell behind in the first half by 0-2 and had one player sent off. However, in the second half, the team scored four goals in a row and defeated the team of Autonomous University of Mexico State (Mexico) with a result of 4-2, winning the third place.

In less than one minute after the match started, the Mexican team got the ball in the penalty area of the rival, Luis Roman, No.14 of the team volleyed the ball into the net from close range, helping the team make a good start. In the 12th minute, a free kick made by Seungwon Yeo, No.6 from Myongji University, the ball slipped out of the hand of the goalkeeper. After 10 minutes, Suk Ko, No. 11 from Myongji University, passed many players from the rival with the ball and passed the ball to his teammate, Junha Chung, No.7 of the team made a header but the ball was rejected by the beam. Struggling to forge ahead, the team of Myongji University faced a worse scenario in the 37th minute. Goalkeeper Taein Kim fouled in the penalty area when he competed with the rival's back fielder, and was sent off by a red card. The team of Autonomous University of Mexico State took the penalty and scored, entering the second half with 2-0.

Falling behind by two goals, the10-member team of Myongji University did not give up. In the 53rd minute, Hyunjun Kim, No.14 from the team hit the goal at a small angle and won a score for Myongji University. In the 67th minute, Hyeonjun Lim, No.16 of the team hit the ball to the goal corner from the outside of the penalty area, equalizing the score for Myongji University. In the 70th minute, Hyeonjun Lim counterattacked and slide tackled within the penalty area by the rival's back fielder, winning the team a penalty. Suk Ko made it and scored. In the 88th minute, Suk Ko moved past the goalkeeper in counterattack but the ball was stopped by the rival's back fielder with hands. The referee showed red card and sent the back fielder off. Suk Ko made the penalty and scored. In the end, the team of Myongji University defeated the rival 4-2 to win the third place in men's group.

After the match, the coach of the Myongji University team revealed the secret of winning the match:"I let the players focus on attacking the left side in the second half at halftime, making the rival lose the advantage in numbers. We are very happy to get the third place."

In the other two qualifying matches in the afternoon, the team of Bangkok Thonburi University (Thailand) beat the team of Smolensk State Academy of Physical Culture, Sport and Tourism (Russia) 3-0 to win the fifth, while the team of Paulista University (Brazil) narrowly defeated the team of University of Malaga (Spain) 1-0 to win the seventh.

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