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Volunteers of Quanzhou Vocational and Technical University: giving thumbs-up to athletes

ijjnews2019-11-27 22:45

"Every player is very dedicated to their college and country. I have learned a lot from them. I feel deeply impressed," said Huang Delong, a volunteer from Quanzhou Vocational and Technical University.

Currently, the KELME 2019 FISU University World Cup-Football is in full swing in Jinjiang, southeast China's Fujian Province. Huang Delong, as a volunteer, is responsible for the logistics of the competition, including cleaning the venue and ensuring drinking water for the participants. When interviewed, he said that on the first day of serving the competition, he saw an athlete from the Republic of Korea whose toe got injured, but the athlete still insisted on walking on his own. The athlete's dedication to football made him feel touched.

According to Shen Weibing, an ideological and political counselor and acting teacher of volunteer team from Bafang College of Quanzhou Vocational and Technical University, the university has provided more than 40 volunteers for the competition, ensuring the smooth progress of the competition from the aspects of medical care, broadcasting, podium guidance, screen operation, information entry and logistics.

He said that before the volunteer work, the Organizing Committee, the university and the college all conducted relevant training for students who signed up to become the volunteers, and made daily summaries when the students are engaged in the volunteer work to emphasize the do's and don'ts, so as to ensure that the volunteers can provide better services for the competition.

In his view, serving as volunteers is a social practice for students which helps improve their professional qualities and skills. Jinjiang has held many events. As a famous university in Jinjiang, Quanzhou Vocational and Technical University has more opportunities to participate in various events such as Jinjiang Marathon.Over the past few years, the university has also been committed to making use of these opportunities to create a volunteer service brand.

He said that being volunteers can also help students recognize their self value, and is very valuable for shaping students' personal character and conduct, as well as cultivating their comprehensive ability. At the same time, serving international competitions and being exposed to diverse cultures will help broaden students' visions. In addition, the athletes from various countries are all very excellent, and the students will feel motivated to strive to become such talents.

Huang Delong, and Wu Jing, who is in charge of the medical service, both said when interviewed that their communication and practical abilities have been greatly enhanced through this participation. The experience also deepened their understanding of Jinjiang, a sports city, and enabled them to feel Jinjiang's fighting spirit, sports culture and local conditions and customs.

Huang Delong said that after several days of training and work, he realized the spirit of serving the society, and that young people should have a sense of social responsibility, participate in social service more, and contribute to the country.

Wu Jing also said that during the training, he got to know the tradition of the university and the fighting spirit of Jinjiang, and he also gained a more profound understanding of the sports culture and local conditions and customs of Jinjiang.

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