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Oleg Matytsin watches football match at Jinjiang Sports Center

ijjnews2019-11-22 14:33, Nov. 22 -- The KELME 2019 FISU University World Cup-Football kicked off in Jinjiang, southeast China's Fujian Province on November 21. On the first day of the competition, the men's group match was held. On the afternoon of November 21, the first round of the group match between the teams from Smolensk State Academy of Physical Culture, Sport and Tourism of Russia and University of Split of Croatia was held in Jinjiang Sports Center. Oleg Matytsin, FISU President, went to the venue and watched the match, accompanied by Wang Haifei, vice mayor of Jinjiang Municipal Government.

Oleg Matytsin is Russian and he was very concerned about the performance of the team from his country. When watching the match carefully from the stands, Oleg Matytsin cheered for the tactful cooperation of the players and sighed for the missing goals. The two teams attacked and defended each other in the first half, but no one scored. At the end of the first half, the two sides tied.

During the break, Oleg Matytsin, accompanied by Wang Haifei, inspected the venue, and took photos with the staff and volunteers. The serious and responsible attitudes of the staff and orderly progress of the work won Oleg Matytsin's praise. Under the guidance of the staff, Wang Haifei put on the competition badge for Oleg Matytsin.

Seeing the players playing football, Oleg Matytsin also showed his football skills. Although he was wearing a suit and leather shoes, he was still able to kick the ball skillfully.

Later, Mr. Oleg came to talk with the coach of the Smolensk Sport Academy of Russia. He encouraged the team coach to help the team strive for good results.

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