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【Exclusive Interview】Senior commentator Zhang Lu gives running commentaries in live coverage

ijjnews.com2018-11-01 16:31, November 1 — the KELME 2018 AUSF Asia Football Cup has kicked off. For those who failed to watch games at the site, the Organizing Committee invited a number of media platforms to provide free full-range HD live broadcast, and also senior domestic commentators to give running commentaries of the games.

According to the sources, platforms including jsports, Youku Sports and Banmabang will provide free full-range HD live coverage. During the kickoff game on October 31 and the title race on November 10, senior commentator Zhang Lu will be the guest commentator, who will provide expert analysis and background information of the events while also introducing the booming development of campus football. Zhang Lu, as a senior commentator in China, has mastered profound football theories, and is full of energy when giving commentaries and the commentaries tend to be very incisive, thus winning him a large number of big fans in China.

On October 31, when interviewed, Zhang Lu said that this was the second time he came to Jinjiang after three years and he was very happy to see football games enjoy flourishing development in Jinjiang. The KELME 2018 AUSF Asia Football Cup has brought together many university football teams across Asia, and it will definitely be a great event.

Notably, during the final on November 10, the organizers will give 100,000 yuan to audience who watch Youku broadcast, and countless coupons of Kelme brand for Tmall "Double Eleven" shopping carnival. On the evening of the final, please watch Youku broadcast program to listen to Zhang Lu's commentaries. And at the same time, "big gifts" will also be available during the broadcast.

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