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【Player Escorts】Player escorts show up in KELME 2018 AUSF Asia Football Cup

ijjnews.com2018-11-04 16:24, November 4 -- After several days of competition, the KELME 2018 AUSF Asia Football Cup has become even fiercer. The teams offered wonderful football feasts to fans. At the same time, 26 teams of player escorts selected from the Player Escorts Selection Campaign for the KELME 2018 AUSF Asia Football Cup also showed up on the pitch before each game. The wind and rain did not dampen the enthusiasm of the children to participate in the football event. Before each game, the player escorts, dressed in jerseys and looking full of energy, hold hands with players as they walk in, showing the good image of Jinjiang teenagers and their love for football.

On November 1, when teams from the National University of Singapore and Taiwan Normal University competed with each other at Yangzheng Secondary School, player escorts from Dongshi Central Primary School were cheering for the players at the stands. "It was a very precious experience. As a player escort, when walking into the pitch hand in hand with my favorite player in the wind and rain, I felt extremely proud. Neither wind nor rain can stop me,” said Huang Yirong, one of the player escorts.

Huang Xiyuan, a player escort from Dongshi Central Primary School, was impressed when he saw players from different countries and regions competing together. "It is good to see people from different places enjoy the football game on the same pitch together. I think, player escort is also part of the splendid culture of football. I will never forget this experience as I can watch high-level football games on the site and witness the players fight valiantly against the rivals on the pitch."

On November 2, player escorts from Jinjiang Experimental Primary School watched the competition between two strong teams, Beijing Institute of Technology and American University in the Emirates, which took place at Jinjiang Sports Center. Liu Jinhan, a player escort from Grade 3 of Jinjiang Experimental Primary School, was very excited when entering the pitch before the match. "I felt so lucky, because, in the first appearance, the player I held hand is from our country. When the player from the Beijing Institute of Technology held my hand, I felt very proud, because I, like these player, represented the image of our country. It was extremely cold, but the players did not flinch, and still spared no efforts to win the game. They are the most admirable stars for me."

Parents were also very excited to see their children showing up in an international event as player escorts. The parents of Ke Bingcheng, a fourth-grade pupil from Jinjiang Experimental Primary School, said that the selection campaign made their son become more confident and happy, and further enhanced the boy's understanding and love of football. "We feel honored that the event can be held in Jinjiang. And we want to thank the organizers and the school for giving the children a chance to show themselves. As parents of the player escort, we are very happy and pleased. Finally, we wish this competition a complete success!"

In addition to walking hand in hand with the players, the player escorts were also impressed by the thoughtful services provided by the organizers and colleges providing venues to ensure the smooth progress of the competition. "When we took part in the second competition in Quanzhou College of Technology, the college provided very thoughtful services, treating us with snacks, mineral water and yogurt, as well as ginger tea as it was cold. Moreover, there were also many ushers and volunteers who were ready to help," Zhang Yuhuan, the teacher who led the player escorts from Dongshijinqing Central Primary School this time, thought highly of the services. Lin Sheng, a player escort from Jinqing Central Primary School, was also touched: "Although the wind and rain were merciless, they could not stop our love of football. At this time, a cup of ginger tea brings warmth to our bodies and warms our hearts even more!"

Although these player escorts only held the hands of footballers for a while, their love for football might just start from that moment on. "We ran into the football field with great passion. I felt crazy about football the moment I walked in hand in hand with the players," said Chu Junhui, a player escort from Jinqing Central Primary School.

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