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[Women's group stage] match report of round 3 of group A: BNU 8:0 NTU

ijjnews.com2018-11-06 16:03, November 6 -- The women's competition of KELME 2018 AUSF Football Cup continued on the evening of November 5. In the round 2 match of Group A, the top two teams of the group Beijing Normal University (BNU, China) and Nanyang Technological University (NTU, Singapore) met each other. After ninety minutes of fierce competition, BNU won with the score 8:0.

After the match started, BNU too the control. In the 5th minute, BNU's No.10 Duan Xingyan broke the deadlock after receiving a nice pass from her teammate. After this goal, BNU continued to control the match, and launched several attacks on their opponents' goal. In the 17th minute, BNU made full use of a set piece to score another goal; in the 32nd minute, BNU's player headed the ball into the net after receiving a corner from the box. In the added time of the first half, BNU's No.9 Xie Ting scored a powerful header in the box. At half time, the score was BNU 4, NTU 0.

In the second half, NTU tried to push the ball into BNU's half through long passes, but BNU returned to their half to defend quickly. In the whole second half, NTU's No.11 successfully dribbled past BNU's players several times in the right flank, but couldn't create real chances due to lack of cooperation with her teammate. On the other side, girls of BNU played more relaxed. In the 58th minute, No.9 Xie Ting scored her brace. In the 72nd minute, BNU's No.11 Liu Shiyang scored twice in just one minute, making it 7:0.

In the 88th minute, BNU scored their last goal of this match. And the final score was 8:0. BNU had a great victory.

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