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The emblem of the 2018 AUSF Asia Football Cup

2019-09-17 15:22

  The main body of the emblem is featured by the traditional Minnan architectural style of "bricks to stone". By using well-arranged bricks, the whole pattern forms a dynamic football figure, and is a variant of the Chinese character "Ya", and also a variant of the initial letter "A" of Asia and AUSF; "Jinjiang 2018" written by a brush pen reflects the traditional Chinese charm; in terms of color, the emblem is mainly red and green, representing Minnan culture, hospitality and happiness, and green pitches, youth and vigor, respectively. With a clear theme, this emblem visually conveys that the 2018 AUSF Asia Football Cup is a football competition for college students from Asia and will be held in Jinjiang, China, and also well combines the positive and fighting spirit of football with the urban spirit of Jinjiang. It is simple, bright and easy to disseminate.

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